Content translation


The Content translation module allows content to be translated into different languages. Working with the Locale module (which manages enabled languages and provides translation for the site interface), the Content translation module is key to creating and maintaining translated site content. For more information, see the online handbook entry for Content translation module.


Configuring content types for translation
To configure a particular content type for translation, visit the Content types page, and click the edit link for the content type. In the Publishing options section, select Enabled, with translation under Multilingual support.
Assigning a language to content
Use the Language drop down to select the appropriate language when creating or editing content.
Translating content
Users with the translate content permission can translate content, if the content type has been configured to allow translations. To translate content, select the Translation tab when viewing the content, select the language for which you wish to provide content, and then enter the content.
Maintaining translations
If editing content in one language requires that translated versions also be updated to reflect the change, use the Flag translations as outdated check box to mark the translations as outdated and in need of revision. Individual translations may also be marked for revision by selecting the This translation needs to be updated check box on the translation editing form.