The Path module allows you to specify an alias, or custom URL, for any existing internal system path. Aliases should not be confused with URL redirects, which allow you to forward a changed or inactive URL to a new URL. In addition to making URLs more readable, aliases also help search engines index content more effectively. Multiple aliases may be used for a single internal system path. To automate the aliasing of paths, you can install the contributed module Pathauto. For more information, see the online handbook entry for the Path module.


Creating aliases
Users with sufficient permissions can create aliases under the URL path settings section when they create or edit content. Some examples of aliases are:
  • member/jane-smith aliased to internal path user/123
  • about-us/team aliased to internal path node/456
Managing aliases
The Path module provides a way to search and view a list of all aliases that are in use on your website. Aliases can be added, edited and deleted through this list.