The Image module allows you to manipulate images on your website. It exposes a setting for using the Image toolkit, allows you to configure Image styles that can be used for resizing or adjusting images on display, and provides an Image field for attaching images to content. For more information, see the online handbook entry for Image module.


Manipulating images
With the Image module you can scale, crop, resize, rotate and desaturate images without affecting the original image using image styles. When you change an image style, the module automatically refreshes all created images. Every image style must have a name, which will be used in the URL of the generated images. There are two common approaches to naming image styles (which you use will depend on how the image style is being applied):
  • Based on where it will be used: eg. profile-picture
  • Describing its appearance: eg. square-85x85
After you create an image style, you can add effects: crop, scale, resize, rotate, and desaturate (other contributed modules provide additional effects). For example, by combining effects as crop, scale, and desaturate, you can create square, grayscale thumbnails.
Attaching images to content as fields
Image module also allows you to attach images to content as fields. To add an image field to a content type, go to the content type's manage fields page, and add a new field of type Image. Attaching images to content this way allows image styles to be applied and maintained, and also allows you more flexibility when theming.