The Aggregator module is an on-site syndicator and news reader that gathers and displays fresh content from RSS-, RDF-, and Atom-based feeds made available across the web. Thousands of sites (particularly news sites and blogs) publish their latest headlines in feeds, using a number of standardized XML-based formats. For more information, see the online handbook entry for Aggregator module.


Viewing feeds
Feeds contain published content, and may be grouped in categories, generally by topic. Users view feed content in the main aggregator display, or by their source (usually via an RSS feed reader). The most recent content in a feed or category can be displayed as a block through the Blocks administration page.
Adding, editing, and deleting feeds
Administrators can add, edit, and delete feeds, and choose how often to check each feed for newly updated items on the Feed aggregator administration page.
OPML integration
A machine-readable OPML file of all feeds is available. OPML is an XML-based file format used to share outline-structured information such as a list of RSS feeds. Feeds can also be imported via an OPML file.
Configuring cron
A correctly configured cron maintenance task is required to update feeds automatically.